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From: Bruce Smith (
Date: 03/12/05

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    Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 22:51:14 +0200

    And a holy war begins. Has the fatwah been declared yet?

    Marcus is both right and very, very wrong. He's right that Unix/Linux is
    fragmented and that code on one Unix system doesn't run on another and goes
    on to name Sun, Linux and BSD. From what I've seen of commercial unixs,
    Solaris, SunOS and HP-UX are my experience areas and the Linuxes, that was a
    problem even before Linux hove on the scene. FreeBSD which predated Linux as
    a usable system had its ports collection to match code bases to its
    compilers and libraries.

    Where he's badly wrong is the reason that Linux as-is is not going to be a
    main-stream server OS until it can be fixed. It's not the UI or the subtle
    differences between flavors. Where it goes wrong is that lack of easy
    management for critical components that make managing it easy. Ever try to
    set disk quota's on Linux? Windows = 2 areas on a management page. Linux
    means rebuilding kernels, configging weird parameters and then finding the
    whole thing doesn't really work properly. There's plenty of other little
    areas where it falls apart as well. Printer configuration, e-mail server
    management and so on.

    Come on Linux, catch a wakeup.

    Bruce Smith
    Linux Engineer/Windows Desktop User

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