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Date: 03/10/05

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    I think Marcus is perfectly correct. But the real advantage for Redmond is the
    fact that almost every Intel box sold at retail runs Windows XP out of the box.
    Who wants to install any Linux distro when they have an OS adequate for what
    they want to do already for "free". The fact that you pay for Windows in your
    purchase price is irrelevant when Dell and HP/Compaq and IBM and ... etc. come
    equipped with Windows unless you go to GREAT EFFORT to avoid it.
       Microsoft beat the U.S. government in the anti-trust case when it was not
    forced to unbundle Windows and sell it only at retail. If users had to go to
    Best Buy and chose between Windows or Red Hat (or Debian, SUSE, Gentoo, Mandrake
    etc.) to install on their new machine, they might make the OSS choice, but they
    don't get that choice. Software publishers aren't stupid. They make products for
    the marketplace and the marketplace for desktops is mainly Windows, with a bit
    of a specialty niche for Apple.

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    Summary: Diversity in interfaces is bad. Microsoft's consistent interface
    is good.

    I thought we went through this during the discussion on the personal
    firewall day (firewall-wizards, Sep 30 2003 by Paul D. Robertson)?

    Which consistent interface would suit everyone? As opposed to users
    saying "I know this interface, and I don't want to learn anything new",
    which interface would be acceptable?

    KDE? GNOME? WindowMaker? Windows? MacOS? The command line?

    Oh yes, you can run any distro with no big real difference between
    them. The major lines: Debian, Redhat, Gentoo. The rest are clones, or
    similar enough to transition easily between.

    The trouble with a single dominant monoculture is that it does increase
    the damage caused by a single hole. See blaster, and the long thread
    which was spawned by *that* on this list.

    I guess this is one of those things on which I disagree with Marcus.
    Hopefully, this leads to another good discussion on what would work
    best for what requirements (as opposed to the /. threads).

    Oh, and Marcus: DLL hell ;)

    Devdas Bhagat
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