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Date: 03/03/05

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    In my experience, I've only used ACLs on a router as a broad filter,
    block 10.* 192.168.* type stuff. Usually at the border router or
    similar. Behind this is then some sort of firewall to do the real

    As for how to , in the bad old days I always had a text file that
    contained the no access-group in, no access-list, etc. so you'd just
    edit the text file then copy and paste.
    These days it's much easier to use named access-lists and cut and past
    rules by line numbers on a Cisco. Also for the reasons you pointed out,
    there'd be no access-list on a router while there was no ACL.

    Hope that helps

    Luke Butcher
    Network/Security Consultant

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    I would appreciate some comments with regard to the extensive use of
    cisco routers acls To protect numerous networks.

    My concern is that when someone amends an access-list one generally
    enters, no access-list 177 and Then pastes in the new access list. Does
    this mean that for a period of time there is no protection on the
    Network that the acls applies?

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