RE: [fw-wiz] PAT on Cisco PIX 515

From: Luke Butcher (
Date: 02/22/05

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    To: "Jay" <>
    Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 07:34:25 +1100

    Hi Jay,

    Static is fairly simple. You'll need something like (if your interfaces
    are default inside and outside):
       static (inside, outside) public.ip.add.ress private.ip.add.ress
    That will do NAT, basically translate one address to one address. The
    catch is the interfaces are specified more trusted, less trusted but the
    ip addresses are entered the other way around.

    If you have 'sysopt noproxyarp' set you'll have to add an arp entry so
    the PIX 'picks up' any traffic destined for your public NAT address.
    This is basically:
      arp outside public.ip.add.ress 1234.5678.90ab or whatever the mac
    address of the outside interface of your PIX is.

    Then you just add access-lists as appropriate to block/allow whatever

    Hope that helps,
    Luke Butcher
    Network/Security Consultant

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    Subject: [fw-wiz] PAT on Cisco PIX 515

    i'm relatively new to PIX config and have been tasked with setting up a
    second internal mail server with a different outward facing IP. I need
    to tell the PIX to fwd any mail delivered to the outward ip to the LAN
    side. I've noticed CISCO are fading out the conduit command but i've had
    a trawl through google to check out the STATIC command but its still
    about as clear as mud.
    any help would be greatly appreciated
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