[fw-wiz] PDAs and other devices as authentication...

From: Marcus J. Ranum (mjr_at_ranum.com)
Date: 02/22/05

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    Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 13:22:21 -0500

    Last year in Europe I used some Internet access wireless hotspot where
    you paid and a license code was SMS'd to your phone. It was very slick
    and very easy. Or it would have been if I'd had an SMS phone. ;)

    Another important point I forgot to raise in my standard rant #2978378
    is that people are going to be VERY reluctant to share their
    cell phone or PDA, whereas they might be willing to hand their
    token over for a few minutes so someone can get to the rest room..

    In a related story:

    Smart phones work like train tickets
    Tuesday, February 22, 2005 Posted: 10:54 AM EST (1554 GMT)
    A new cell phone that works as a smart card embedded with a computer chip to go through train station gates.

    TOKYO, Japan (AP) -- Some 10 million Japanese commuters use smart cards embedded with a computer chip to pay for train tickets and slip by station gates with just a tap of their plastic on special reading devices.

    With a service planned for launch in January next year, they'll be able to use their mobile phones in place of the cards to pay for their train fares, a Japanese train company, a top mobile operator and Sony Corp. said Tuesday.


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