Re: [fw-wiz] Multiple firewalls from different manufactureres

From: Joseph S D Yao (
Date: 01/29/05

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    To: MHawkins@TULLIB.COM
    Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 21:02:30 -0500

    On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 06:05:18PM -0500, MHawkins@TULLIB.COM wrote:
    > Sure, converting an RFC into something that works in a PLA would be tough.
    > But doable.

    You are incredibly optimistic. ;-)

    One of the great UNSOLVED problems of programming is just how exactly
    one can translate requirements to specification to design to actual
    code without any loss of information. (Different methods have
    different layers, but the idea remains.) Part of the problem is that
    the technology and discipline to COMPLETELY and UNAMBIGUOUSLY specify
    any phase of these up to the actual programming is ... incomplete at
    best, and totally lacking in most cases. Human languages are inherently
    ambiguous. And humans are fallible, so any process that involves them
    (all programming processes of which I know in this world) are fallible.

    Or as someone else has put it, all software is beta ...


    Joe Yao
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