[fw-wiz] Per application port DMZ segments?

From: Wes Noonan (mailinglists_at_wjnconsulting.com)
Date: 01/18/05

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    I have a customer that is considering implementing VLANs in their DMZ module
    such that every application sits on a dedicated VLAN/DMZ segment. So for
    example FTP, DNS, HTTP, Citrix, etc would each have their own VLAN/DMZ
    segment. Now, every fiber in my being says this is a bad idea for a number
    of reasons:

    1) I think it will be near impossible to manage long term
    2) The well known issue of VLANs and VLAN hopping
    3) The introduction of complex routing in the DMZ
    4) The requirement for entirely too many IP subnets in the DMZ
    5) KISS - I think this is just going to be an entirely complex design and
    implementation, which in general I have found complexity and security at
    odds over things like misconfigurations...

    As I understand it, the impetus for this is that their IDS generates too
    many false positives and they think that by restricting a specific
    application to a VLAN they can reduce the false positives (essentially if
    the DMZ should only have port 25 traffic, everything else is a false
    positive). Now, I see that as a case of the tail wagging the dog, IOW a
    crappy IDS implementation dictating the design.

    Another justification that has been put forth is to segment resources,
    however I think that using private VLANs (they are a Cisco shop) is a better
    solution - after all, even with per application VLANs the servers in that
    VLAN will still be able to communicate with each other unless you do
    something else.

    So, does anyone know of any references, etc. that I can put in front of said
    client to show them how this is a bad idea, or conversely have any
    references that can show me that it's not as bad as I think it is?


    Wes Noonan
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