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Date: 01/11/05

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    A majority of vendors who build appliances build it for one reason. They
    do not have to hire a bunch of highly skilled technical people for customer
    support. Provide a nice color glossy diagram with lots of circle and
    arrows, and the customer(s) are enjoying their appliance purchase, not
    unlike the early days of firewalls, where most companies stated: "Oh yeah
    our stuff works on that variant of Unix or Windows" But in reality, one
    needed a Phd to configure the underlying O/S just the right way before the
    firewall application could be installed, all this with technical support on
    the phone or on site.


    At 07:40 PM 1/9/2005, Marcus J. Ranum wrote:
    >Kevin wrote:
    > >One advantage of the Radware products is that they are true
    > >appliances
    >Appliance, schmaiance!
    >What's in an appliance? Software.
    >What's in a Windows box? Software.
    >What's in a Linux box? Software.
    >What's in a Cisco box? Software.
    >"Appliance" is just a frozen configuration of a software/hardware
    >combination. Sometimes it's a good configuration of good
    >software. Sometimes it's not. I saw one "appliance" that had a
    >back-door telnetd on a "hidden" (who'd ever think to look for telnetd
    >on port 1823?!!) port. Geniuses build appliances. Idiots build
    >appliances. Your mileage may vary.
    >But if you just assume "appliance == goodness" then you've
    >been drinking too much marketing kool-ade.
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