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From: Devdas Bhagat (
Date: 12/13/04

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    Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 09:33:51 +0530

    On 12/12/04 17:27 -0800, Crispin Cowan wrote:
    > Marcus J. Ranum wrote:
    > >Crispin Cowan drank the Kool-ade and wrote:
    > >
    > >
    > >>The problem is that the bulk of sites that don't work are the most "corporate" ones: web casts.
    > >>
    > >>
    > >You mean garbage like those things that let you automatically flip
    > >powerpoints for a remote user to present a talk? Garbage that has
    > >become popular because sales reps and marketing weenies are
    > >apparently too stupid to tell their meeting attendees, "next slide,
    > >please..." as they pause to collect their thoughts? Yeah, we need
    > >that garbage in order to do business. Not.
    > >
    > >
    > While that is one use for it, no that is not what I mean. If it was just
    > "next slide please", then I agree that it would not be worth the bother.
    > But it is much more than that. Those webcast thingies can bitscrape
    > anything off the desktop screen. Thus I can demo an interactive GUI onto
    > a remote customer prospect's desktop to show them what our stuff looks
    > like, without them having to install anything.
    You mean, like an X server, or even VNC?
    > My rant is not that we should just shrug and let 'em not switch. It is
    > that there is a legitimate hole in the Linux desktop space, this is it,
    > and some of these webcast service providers should step up and fill the
    > hole. How the hell else am I supposed to market a Linux server product
    > to customers using a Windows desktop unless the webcast product works
    > cross-platform? Raindance? WebEX? Are you listening? This is your market
    > calling :)

    VNC works in a browser as well. Hook up to the same VNC server and you
    can share a session. IIRC, there is an IE and Netscape applet VNC client
    as well.

    Devdas Bhagat
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