Re: [fw-wiz] Security of HTTPS

From: Chuck Vose (
Date: 11/27/04

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    Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 13:43:42 -0800

    > Now that teachers have gotten smart enough to research potential
    > plagiarism using google, lamer students have reacted by social
    > engineering mailing lists in order to obtain custom text or pointers.

    Can't we simply do what we usually do and hijack the thread to
    something that we're interested in? I believe that any question that
    spurns conversation is a good question. We're all adults here and
    questions that are obviously homework will most likely be ignored in
    public and rtfm'ed in private.

    What I'm getting at is that posting an rtfm in public is almost as
    annoying to me as the initial "please answer my homework question". If
    people want to answer the question, as paul often does, then who are
    we to complain about it? Part of the reason I believe this, is simply
    that rtfm's tend to erupt into flamewars and those are definitely best
    kept in private.

    Finally, how can you call it social engineering a mailing-list?
    Everyone knows what going on; some people decide to respond, some
    don't. But, as the latest entry suggests, sometimes people really just
    didn't find it when they did look.

    So, perhaps the best method is simply to follow the all common
    etiquette and simply ignore or rtfm off the list. It seems silly to
    demand compliance with mailing-list etiquette while breaking it
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