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From: Jian Zhen (
Date: 11/22/04

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    To: Chris Pugrud <>
    Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 20:28:33 -0800

    Chris Pugrud ( [041118 13:16]:
    > The customer conenctions were encrypted because they left our zone of control,
    > even though they were "private" point to point t1 lines. The IPSEC VPN's were
    > done with Network Alchemy Hardware. Network Alchemy was aquired by Nokia and I
    > hope the capabilities have been maintained. NA has a really phenominal
    > automagical load balancing capabilty. I still have several boxes on my shelf
    > that I purchased from the company.

    Unfortunately, Network Alchemy's hardware, assuming you are talking about
    the CryptClusters, has been EOL'ed for quite a while now.

    My previous work place had a couple hundred of them and I thought they were
    one of the best VPN devices out there, probably still is.

    It's unfortunate that they are no longer available.

    However, I believe some of the functionalities were incoprated into their
    IPSO software/appliances.

    Jian Zhen <>
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