RE: [fw-wiz] Re: Ethics, morality and the industry

From: Jim Seymour (
Date: 11/07/04

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    Date: Sun,  7 Nov 2004 11:10:43 -0500 (EST)

    "Bill Royds" <> wrote:
    > One of the problems that giving such publicity to so many criminal
    > "ex-hackers" is that it makes it much more difficult for honest
    > security practitioners to do our job.

    In more ways that one, I should expect. For example: Where's the
    down-side in engaging in such criminal behaviour? I execute a few (?)
    high-profile cracks, become known as an Evil Genius, get arrested
    (maybe not in that order), go to prison for a couple years or so, get
    out, have a ready-made lucrative career in public speaking or security

    Speaking of security consulting: What kind of customer would hire a
    security consulting firm that knowingly employed (ex-)criminals?

    I understand the attraction of employing such people. What I don't
    understand is the "thinking" behind actually doing so. I suspect it
    has nothing whatsoever to do with improving a security company's

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