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Date: 11/01/04

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    Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 13:40:20 -0000

    If your email address has appeared on a website, in a mailing list or
    anywhere else with public access then expect to be harvested for spam use.

    Additionally, spammers will generate plausible email addresses at known
    domains by simply multiplying a list of firstnames with a list of
    surnames. They don't care how many emails get bounced to the faked source

    Emailing spammers is a bad idea as it proves that the email address is
    being monitored. Expect 100 times the volume of spam now.

    There are also lots of other ways.

    If you want to stop it, I suggest you run spamassassin (
    or another tool over your email to weed out the spam. Spamassassin will
    run on a *nix box easily or can be configured to work on Win32 with a
    suitable POP3 (or other) proxy.


    > Hello firewall wizards and security experts,
    > May I ask for some kind of spam 101 tutorial from
    > anyone. Please kindly enlighten me on how these
    > spammers or people who send scam emails
    > indescriminately all over the internet which is kind
    > of annoying.
    > Please refer to the whole excerpts of the email
    > below/bottom part of this message.
    > I received an email from this sender"maryam56"
    > <>
    > and have sent an email to this address,
    > Now, my question here is this. I have no idea how
    > these people tend to get email addresses of people
    > whom they intend to victimize.
    > I am just concerned if ever, my home network might be
    > compromised though, I have followed all the tips, and
    > safeguards as suggested by the security gurus and
    > experts here.
    > However, I am just wondering, since I have a small
    > home network comprising of linux and windoze boxes I
    > am worried if and it could be possible that I am in
    > danger here because, I receive spam or emails with
    > intent to do scam both in my yahoo account and in my
    > work/office email account.
    > Could this be due to the fact that, I have subscribed
    > at usergroups such as this? What I mean here, if I
    > post a message to this usergroup or anywhere, these
    > people might or could get hold of my email address?
    > Please kindly enlighten me on how these spammers do
    > this to automatically generate or send emails without
    > my knowledge.
    > Hope to hear from anyone whoc could explain so that I
    > could again peacefully sleep at night.
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Sincerely,
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