Re: [fw-wiz] Securing a wireless network

From: Jason Lewis (
Date: 10/31/04

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    To: Mark D Robinson <>
    Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 20:56:13 -0400

    Sounds like NetReg.

    I think someone had a modification that could scan a machine and if it
    didn't have a patch it would be moved to a vlan that only had access to
    patches for installtion.

    I may be confusing two different things.....


    Mark D Robinson wrote:
    > You might try looking through the list archives. I vaguely remember a
    > discussion about a custom system that was set up on a university network to
    > enforce up-to-date security settings (patch level, AV updates, etc.) before
    > the host was given access. Unfortunately, I don't remember any specifics
    > right this minute, but I do remember being pretty impressed from the
    > description. I think that some or all of the software was freely available.
    > It was probably last year or early this year. Someone else on the list may
    > remember more.
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