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Date: 10/27/04

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    Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 10:54:35 -0500

    I'd second Kevin's recommendation/statement.

    Also, could the squid box run in a 'bridged' mode proxying all
    communications from the local LAN to the PIX - ie make it the default
    gateway for all LAN hosts? From there, you can lock down what's able to
    reach the PIX's inside interface with an ACL - only the squid proxy can
    communicate with the PIX.

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    I want to use "Transparent proxy" with a PIX using squid cache

    on the squid documentation tells about routers, but the configuration
    commands are not on the pix...

    On pix documentation appears commands to communicate with Websense and
    other commercial products...

    Anyone has any ideas to send the port 80 requests to the squid box?

    Thanks in advance.

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