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From: sin (
Date: 10/12/04

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    Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 13:02:17 +0200

    ArkanoiD wrote:

    >Looks like i am being forced into designing all-in-one box with extended
    >functionality, combining firewall and a buch of services i really don't like
    >putting into firewall, but they say it's marketing demand ;-)
    >The serives are antispam/anitvirus filters/IDS corellator and so on.
    >I strongly decline running those in the same address space. So using
    >system call wrappers like FreeBSD jail is not sufficient. I'd prefer
    >BSD-like system, but only thing that does fit my needs seems to be
    >User Mode Linux. Are there other things worth detailed analysis?
    >boschs (if i remember the name correctly) has terrific performance overhead,
    >vmware is proprietary..
    >Another question is inter-instanse communication. I need a kind of loopback
    >interface to let components to talk to each other without allowing access
    >to physical NIC when it is not required. Any hints?
    you can try (it works ok, and you can use
    the lo interface to communicate within the vserver)
    just remeber that the lo interface is shared among the virtual servers
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