RE: [fw-wiz] Log checking?

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Date: 10/01/04

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    Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 09:02:59 -0700

    We have found logging netbios traffic that hits the internal interface to
    be an excellent indicator of a machine gone bad. Good machines don't do
    that. If we had an IDS on the internal side to catch netbios traffic, I
    would be happy to discontinue logging such traffic on the firewall.

    We log everything that hits the firewall. Especially the stuff we block
    from the outside. We often have to prove our firewall isn't blocking
    traffic from a partner/customer - and it usually boils down to
    demonstrating the packets never got here or they are using the wrong port.


    At 06:35 PM 9/30/2004, FW Wizards Mailing List wrote:
    >While I've really enjoyed reading this communication regarding logging,
    >I'm a little concerned. I think that all incoming traffic that is
    >dropped should be logged. An accept for an incoming ftp request would
    >look legitimate, when logging drops would show that an attempt on a
    >blocked port took place prior to that "legitimate" ftp traffic.
    >Additionally, for legal purposes it would be important to have
    >documentation of all drops that a firewall had from a specific
    >destination. I don't think there is ever too much "noise." You need to
    >filter your logs to provide you with the information you need. I do
    >agree that it is vital to monitor your employee's behavior. The only
    >traffic that I wouldn't want to log is NetBIOS traffic, etc, being
    >dropped by the internal interface on the firewall. A proper IDS
    >configuration (one on the inside and one on the outside) will help you
    >to audit your security policy. Without proper logging, how can your
    >security policy be as effective as it could be? Personally, I'm all for
    >logs that will provide the information desired upon need. I'd hate not
    >to get enough information when it is needed from a firewall.


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