RE: [fw-wiz] PIX-515 acceptable CPU usage?

From: Eugene Kuznetsov (
Date: 09/16/04

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    > Some time ago cisco Documentation used to say that if your
    > PIX firewall is running at 30% sustained utilization then
    > an upgrade is advised. The latest

    It is worth noting that for many network device products, it is difficult
    for the vendor to provide a really accurate CPU utilization metric. There
    may be custom hardware assist, multiple processors, NPUs, and so on. It is
    not easy to reduce all of that to a single percentage.

    Also, such numbers are rarely linear. In other words, if a device is at 30%
    utilization right now, 2x more traffic won't drive it to 60% -- it may be
    40% or 100%, depending on the internal architecture.

    Some less ethical vendors will actually fudge their utilization metrics as a
    competitive tactic, i.e. "look, we're only at 5% utilization while
    saturating the network".

    So it's a useful basic health check, but be careful in placing too much
    trust in CPU utilization numbers, in PIX or elsewhere.

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