RE: [fw-wiz] PIX-515 acceptable CPU usage?

From: Ahmed, Balal (
Date: 09/16/04

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    To: "Adam Greene" <>, <>
    Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 15:03:37 +0100

    Some time ago cisco Documentation used to say that if your PIX firewall is
    running at 30% sustained utilization then an upgrade is advised. The latest
    version of this document [1] no longer includes a baseline figure. I suppose
    the reason for this is that each deployment is different.

    I suggest you go back to first principles and monitor your pix to generate a
    baseline for yourself e.g.

    1) SNMP CPU graphing (using something like mrtg to monitor CPU levels)
    2) Monitor/graph latency through the firewall
    3) On the pix you could also monitor the memory blocks available (show
    blocks) this tells you if there is RAM available for processing [1]

    Having good historical data to hand will help detect and plan upgrade points
    better than manually logging on and checking stats sporadically. As we all
    know a good set of graphs can help sell the idea to budget controllers.



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