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From: Adam Shostack (
Date: 09/03/04

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    To: MHawkins@TULLIB.COM
    Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 15:00:37 -0400

    On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 01:50:13PM -0400, MHawkins@TULLIB.COM wrote:
    | > Mike - In CA all public companies must disclose any security breaches.
    | This is not true. Security breaches WHERE CUSTOMER INFORMATION was
    | compromised must be reported.
    | My point is that, for an accurate picture of costs and risks to be
    | developed, ALL security breaches need to be detailed and tabulated then
    | analyzed by actuaries and statisticians to build up a risk matrix.
    | Even CA's legislation does not do, nor was it intended, to do that.
    | themselves from hackers. On the hand, enterprizes are AWFUL at protecting
    | themselves from disgruntled employees and other internal risks.
    | Until we measure ALL such risks, we shall never know where to spend our
    | money.
    | CA legislation is very wide of that mark.

    While you're right in that measuring risks help us assign resources to
    where they're useful, and to ensure that they're spent well, the CA
    legislation is not intended to do that.

    Its intended to correct an information imbalance, which is that
    companies collect information about you, and then have no motive to
    protect it. If it's stolen, you'll never know. By requiring
    reporting, customers may gain in ability to use security to choose
    where they do business.

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