RE: [fw-wiz] To spoof or not to spoof???? That is the question....

From: InHisGrip (
Date: 07/30/04

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    To: Firewall <>
    Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 10:06:02 -0700 (PDT)

    Hi Steve,

    I just would like to thank everyone in this thread who
    contributed or have helped me understand more of this

    Again guys, thanks a lot! You know who you are? All
    the people who replied. Thanks a hundered fold!


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    > Someone with your email address in their address
    > book, got the virus and sent it out as you. Has
    > nothing to do with your configuration.
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    > Conversation: [fw-wiz] To spoof or not to spoof????
    > That is the question....
    > Subject: [fw-wiz] To spoof or not to spoof???? That
    > is the question....
    > Hi guys,
    > I don't know if you have already answered this or
    > not?
    > This is about email spoofing. A long time back, this
    > email address of mine was spoofed or atleast being
    > used to send malicious worms, beagle variant.
    > Now, right now it happened again like I received an
    > email with attachment coming from myself and sent to
    > my address also which is infected with this worm
    > variant.
    > My question is, since this worm has happened before
    > and I checked the security updates/howto's from
    > symantec and mcafee.... I checked and found that my
    > client PC's was not infected and clearn.
    > I was just wondering why this happened again? I am
    > sure that this is not due to my present
    > configuration
    > as this problem happened in the past and besides, I
    > followed all the suggestions from this group on how
    > to
    > secure both my linux box, my home networked PC's and
    > my hardware router.
    > Since this has happened again, I have decided to use
    > gnupg for all my machines in the future. However, I
    > am
    > just curious as to how this has happened?
    > What are the possibilities? Is my yahoo mail account
    > been infected? Or is it possible that a person that
    > I
    > know has been infected that's why occasionally it
    > sends an email to all addresses in the address book?
    > Also, I always make sure that my antivir have
    > automatic updates of the latest virus definitions
    > regularly.
    > The only thing that I may know right now is, when I
    > made an online purchase for a product.... though I
    > went into a site that is secure as it is a https
    > site... I think, someone may have intercepted some
    > of
    > my packets and sniffed their way through. Or unless
    > otherwise...
    > Can anyone please enlighten me on this email
    > spoofing
    > before I decomission this email for good and use
    > another one if there is no cure or solution for
    > this.
    > Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
    > InHisGrip,
    > Servie
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