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Date: 07/30/04

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    It depends on how thorough you want to be and how much you already know.

    I would suggest you use nmap ( to scan every box you own
    (internal, external, DMZ, DNS, etc) from inside and outside the firewall.
    This will give you a picture of the ports that you are exposing. You can
    compare this to your security policy. If the local scans (i.e. scans not
    through the firewall) show services running (ports open) that are not
    needed then you might want to stop them. Services that are need for
    localhost should be configured to only accept connections from the
    loopback network interface.

    You may wish to run nessus ( against all your boxes too.
    This can take a very long time if not configured properly, but will
    evaluate running services against a vulnerability database. It'll
    basically tell you if it thinks your services are buggy.

    You may wish to search a vulnerability/exploit list for the exact versions
    of services you are running. has a
    comprehensive list of everything. is also very
    good. is a crazy french exploit site and is very good.

    You might want to buy one/more of the Hacking Exposed series of books.


    > Hi list,
    > As a regular reader of this list, and (amongst many other tasks)
    > responsible for security at our company, I wonder. I've taken most
    > measures to make our buisiness secure. It's all on a small scale,
    > everything runs well, but every now and then the tiny hairs on the back
    > of my head make me wonder how secure it all is. Yes, webservers are
    > locked down, are in DMZ, only http permitted, SQL on inside via data
    > layers, only nessesary ports between DMZ and inside; this production
    > environment is colocated, office is connected via PIX to PIX vpn,
    > restricted access to this vpn, etc.
    > Are there any low cost means / tools out there to verify that what i
    > have done so far is reasonable proof?
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Meindert uitman
    > Avic B.V.
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