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From: Shimon Silberschlag (
Date: 06/23/04

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    Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 12:29:48 +0200

    Has anyone on the group witnessed or implemented such a setup (VLAN per
    Can you describe what were the requirements and circumstances that drove you
    to such a design?
    Did you encounter any problems implementing it, and how were these problems


    Shimon Silberschlag


    2004-06-08T19:25:51 Carson Gaspar:
    > 2004-06-08T10:18:02-0700 Jeff Boles:
    > >Anyone care to voice their consensus on contemporary
    > >VLAN implementations as a security measure?
    > I'm sort of a heretic in this crowd. I think VLANs are a very
    > useful security implementation tool. [...] My policy is "one
    > chassis, one trust level" [...]

    I don't know how heretical that is today. For sure, we used to
    say that VLANs aren't a security component --- when that was the
    vendors' stance. Sometime in the last year or two vendors turned
    around and last I heard, their stance was that correctly-configured
    VLANs are supported by them as a security component, they're
    believed to be leak-free and reports of leaks will be treated as
    security bugs.

    I'm glad of this; it makes possible a config that I like for certain
    applications, what I call a fully-routed net, the next step up from
    a fully-switched net. Instead of "every host gets a dedicated switch
    port, no hubs" you go up to "every host gets a dedicated router
    port, onto a firewall". Just give each switch port a separate vlan
    and 802.1q the lot into the firewall[s]. One of these days I'm
    looking forward to doing large tracts of business in-house nets that

    Even today, though, that's how I'd build out e.g. in-room network
    jacks at a hotel, or laptop jacks at a conference.


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