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    Joel did a good job in that article, especially taking into consideration
    the differences on every product does its "application layer inspection".
    At the same time, I don't think Joel took into consideration that some of
    the products evaluated in his article (such as Check Point) leverages a
    subscription-based signature update service to stay on top of the latest
    "popular" threats.

    Since you are looking at Check Point in this case. Do refer to the
    following URL on Check Point's official public info in this particular



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    kashif wrote:
    > I want to compare two firewall ( Technical Aspects ) only PIX Vs
    > has anybody done anything similar or could point out "what aspects" do we
    > need to compare.

    Back in March 2004, Information Security Magazine published some
    comparisons between the two. Perhaps the following URL is helpful to you.,295796,sid6_iss346_art662,00.html


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