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Date: 06/19/04

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    I took a graduate computer class in graph theory several years ago. The
    professor handed out the class notes the first day and told us all exams
    were open book (including his notes and any we might take). I loved the
    notes. I could concentrate on his discussions of why and how since the
    what was already documented. The exams were difficult - "diagram an
    algorithm and explain why that approach is a good one" - and the notes
    didn't help one bit. But it was a great class. I wish certification exams
    could be done that way.


    At 07:57 AM 6/17/2004, Kelly, Chris W. wrote:
    >The department chair where I took a bunch of computer classes back in
    >the 80's was basically of that attitude. His tests were all open
    >book/open notes. And killer. He maintained that problem resolution
    >with computers was not just having a bunch of book knowledge - it was
    >more about knowing a bunch of little different things, being familiar
    >with the processes involved and knowing where to go and find out more on
    >specific subjects once you narrowed the problem down. Then piecing that
    >all together to create a solution.
    >He had a favorite story to prove his point - a guy in the program had
    >one class left to complete his 2 year degree. At the campus where he
    >took all his classes, the lab kept the machines running with boot
    >floppys locked in the A: drive (this was IBM PC days where the "one big
    >machine" in the labs had a color monitor and a 10M hard drive). Because
    >of a scheduling conflict, this dude has to go to another campus to take
    >this last course. Over there you checked out a boot disk with your ID,
    >picked a computer and had to boot the thing yourself. After 2 years in
    >school for a CSCI certificate, someone had to show the guy how to insert
    >the disk, where the power switch was and how to get the machine up and

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