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Date: 06/03/04

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    Yes, teaching is an art. It can be difficult in and of itself, but I've seen PLENTY of good teachers who wouldn't last a day in the field. Selling is also a talent. My boss is a good example. He was in the tech field for a few years and not half bad at it, then he became an instructor/administrator at a small college and was pretty good. Then he moved up the management track in my company and is now the VP because he is a great salesman/marketer. Though he relies on his technical staff for our technical skill, he could market and sell a line of battery operated freezers to Eskimos. He drums up the work and contracts while allowing his staff to perform the tasks at hand.

    I agree with your observation about consultants needing certs to appear credible. Anymore though and one needs certs and a BA to get a job in this field, not counting the old timers who have been with the same outfit for 10+ years, they have proved their credibility. If they ever DO need to find new employment, though, it can get tough with "just" 10-15 years experience and no certs. Individuals vary greatly though, so it's not etched in stone about what you need. Who you know, personality, salesmanship, luck, etc all play a part.

    Whoops, been talking way too long. Sorry!

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    On Thu, 3 Jun 2004 wrote:
    > Not to try and finish your thought, but all too often...
    > "Those who can't do, teach.
    > Those who can't teach, sell.
    > Those who can't sell, market.
    > Those who can't do, teach, sell, or market go into management."
    > Those who can't manage become consultants.

    ... but really - it's actually much more difficult to teach, sell, and
    market than most of us are willing to admit - and an independant
    consultant gets to do it all.

    I've also noticed that while employers are frequently willing to excuse
    the lack of certifications in their FTE, they're very eager to see certs
    for consultants. Has anybody else seen this?

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