RE: [fw-wiz] NAT Pseudo Security

From: Ben Nagy (
Date: 05/05/04

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    Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 09:49:21 +0200

    This is such a great concept!

    Lots of us can probably cease to ever write anything new, now, and conduct
    our arguments completely using old posts from the archives. Eventually the
    list will be completely dominated by crotchety curmudgeons who can fire off
    a one line archive reference to any topic. "Whassat, youngster? Welp, me and
    sum pardners wuz discussin' the finer points of Linksys fragment ring
    buffers as applied to the breeding of genetically engineered palmino horses
    back in 2012 - that's old news, boah!"

    Here are Paul, Mike and I rehashing the saaaame argument in 2002, two years
    after the thread Mike notes - even with a déjà vu reference to the older
    thread. Irony. :/

    (crotchety curmudgeon in training)

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    > - A thread where Ben Nagy and I were slugging it out on
    > "dumb NATs" vs "real firewalls". Unfortunately cut short
    > because of gnac's 10k message length limit.

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