RE: [fw-wiz] K----'s Waning Security

From: Chuck Vose (
Date: 04/23/04

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    Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 15:12:28 -0700

    > If you are going to say anything about company practices, security, management
    > styles, then never mention the company by name. I know sometimes its hard,
    > but it comes across a bit more professionally if you do try to be positive
    > in there somewhere, it keeps you from looking like the previous idea above.
    > Same goes for people, if you are communicating something that could be
    > private about someone else (or yourself) to prove a point, then never
    > mention who you are talking about. If you are not sure, then err on the
    > side of caution.

    This puts it in fine perspective for me. I've always had trouble with
    telling secrets about people too, something that I have only begun to
    remedy in the last couple of years after people finally got fed up and
    told me what I was doing. Now I understand that in kind of an abstract
    way, corporations are the same way, filled with feelings that are easily
    offended when you tell secrets about them (mostly because they're filled
    with people, which puts it back into the first part).

    I also appreciate advice about how to sound more professional. This is
    something I desire (and from what I understand is rare in people my age,
    so I think it's a good thing for me to strive for)

    > "When you work somewhere, give 100%, and do your best to find something
    > positive to say." This one applies especially to job interviews when you
    > decide to move on. But I think it can apply in regular old life its
    > ownself.

    I hope that people don't think I don't like Kinko's, I love it. If I
    didn't love it so much I wouldn't have written for advice in the first
    place and I certainly wouldn't have gotten so bent out of shape about
    the potential job loss. How often do you meet someone that can honestly
    say they would mind if they lost their barely over minimum wage job. If
    it weren't for my complete dedication to Kinko's I'd have taken my
    technical competence elsewhere, but I'm hopelessly endeared to my two
    managers and I honestly believe that Kinko's has a ton of potential, I
    just don't want it to crash and burn before it gets to realize it's
    potential further.

    > Your posts show you are very technically competent, so I am sure this will
    > be easy for you too.

    Thank you.

    On the plus side of today, I've gotten more advice on how to be a good
    person and a good worker than I've gotten in years through other means.
    Whatever happened to the days when Fathers were the purveyors of such
    information, that I must subscribe to mailing lists to find these things

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