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Date: 04/08/04

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    Sorry for the slow reply.
    In a command window the following will export individual lines to a file
    named, DeniedLogs040704.txt, in the directory where the command is run:
    Findstr "deny" c:\Logs\PixLog040704.log >DeniedLogs040704.txt
    A > character will overwrite the Text file each time the command is run,
    a >> will append to the file instead.
    Change the text in quotes to match on different criteria.
    For more detailed help type "findstr /?" (without quotes) at a command
    This command is also useful with the pipe character (|) for screen
    PS Kiwi Syslog will allow you to filter the logs to different files
    based on the same type of criteria as above, supports Windows XP and
    will run as a service.

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    Dear List,

    i have cisco pix firewall that is sending it log data to a cisco syslog
    server (windowsxp workstation).
    it is working fine with me since it is a service, so i willl be sure
    that it
    is running whenever the server is up and running.

    But i have two questions concerning this syslog:
    1 - the log files are too big since everyfile contains the whole day
    and since the file size is about 400 + Mb, i am not able to open it.
    is there any third party utility which i can use to manage (open, check,

    filter, ....) the log files of the cisco syslog?

    2 - is there any other syslog server which could work with the cisco pix

    firewalls, and which is a service and NOT an application?

    your fast respond is highly appreciated,

    with regards,

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