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Date: 04/06/04

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    And so is Check Point VPN-1, it has special stateful inspection modules
    written specifically for both general RPC protocols (NFS and friends) and
    MS-Exchange RPC protocols.


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    Thy Symantec Enterprise Firewall (SEF, was formerly called Raptor firewall)
    has a proxy for SMB/CIFS that should be able to handle most of the traffic
    using MS RPC. It is quite granular about what commands are allowed and what
    need to be blocked in the CIFS protocol suite.

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    Hi All

    I'm looking for a solution for firewalling MS RPC protocol
    A lot of firewalls can do app. inspection/ proxying of SUN RPC (old
    but except the MS ISA proxy none can do MS RPC.
    I think it's because of "closed source" nature of MS RPC (nad MS at all :)

    I have found closest to firewalling MS RPC is PIX with established command
    (you can make ASA accept another connection from/to port/port range after
    connection to 135)
    but I'd like to ask folks around here :

    Is there a firewall/solution/workaround that does it better ?

    there are workaround I'm aware of :
    1. RPC over HTTP/HTTPS - requires ISS server
    2. PPTP/L2TP tunnel with/without IPsec

    with regards


    Tichomír Kotek
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