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Date: 03/23/04

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    If all you want is a syslog server and and the ability to open large log
    files in a Win32 environment, look into Kiwi Syslog Server. There is a
    version that runs as a service, and it has a seperate logfile viewer
    that will open large files. Kiwi is easily the most flexible syslog
    server available, and it's dirt cheap. ( I
    have deployed it in conjunction with traditional firewall analysis tools
    that have their own syslog server just because Kiwi is that much more

    Beyond that, 400MB is a decent size for a 24hr PIX logfile. You may
    want to consider looking into a firewall analysis tool to help you get a
    better look at what's actually going on. For this, I personally prefer
    (and often recommend to customers) eIQ FirewallAnalyzer or
    FirewallAnalyzer Enterprise. (


    ObDisclaimer: The views above are my personal opinion and not
    necessarily those of my employer, my maker, my wife, or anyone else to
    whom I am beholden, blah-blah-blah. My employer is a reseller of eIQ
    products, but I would and do recommend FA/FAE regardless. Don't believe
    me? Don't believe me. Both eIQ products and Kiwi have free trial
    downloads so you can see for yourself.

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    Dear List,

    i have cisco pix firewall that is sending it log data to a cisco syslog
    server (windowsxp workstation).
    it is working fine with me since it is a service, so i willl be sure
    that it
    is running whenever the server is up and running.

    But i have two questions concerning this syslog:
    1 - the log files are too big since everyfile contains the whole day
    and since the file size is about 400 + Mb, i am not able to open it.
    is there any third party utility which i can use to manage (open, check,

    filter, ....) the log files of the cisco syslog?

    2 - is there any other syslog server which could work with the cisco pix

    firewalls, and which is a service and NOT an application?
    your fast respond is highly appreciated,
    firewall-wizards mailing list

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