[fw-wiz] Does a router like this exist?

From: Kyle King (KKing_at_Bankshill.com)
Date: 03/04/04

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    Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 11:14:37 -0800

    Hello all again,

    Well, my last problem seems to have fixed itself as best as it can, but now
    I've got to find a stateless firewall/router that will allow me to block out
    every IP address but 1 or 2 that I say are ok.

    Basically, it was found out that I can't connect my VPN client through the
    firewall we have over UDP due to the fierwall being Stateful. So we are
    going to add another firewall or router that will allow the 3 computers
    access to the internet, but I would also like to make it so that those 3
    computers can only access the server that VPN is on. If they want to access
    the internet, they will go through the original firewall. Which reminds

    Has anyone ever heard of, or seen, a sort of manual switch for cat 5? What
    I mean is, a little box with like a light switch on it, that has 2 lan
    connections heading into the back, and 1 connection coming out, that when
    the switch is moved between the two options, the physical connections line
    up with either of the two lan connections.

    Well, heres me thanking you people again for your help.

    Kyle King
    Banks-Hill Systems Ltd.
    email: KKing@bankshill.com
    Phone: (780) 488 6100 ext. 242
    Fax: (780) 488 4550

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