RE: [fw-wiz] Sources for Extranet Designs?

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Date: 02/23/04

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    I wasn't particularly looking for a solution, or product. I was looking
    for a comprehensive discussion on network and security architectures for
    extranets (B2B), not necessarily available on the web (print is
    acceptable). Instead, I got a plethora of condescending email replies
    that gave me little or no information, which did not answer my (probably
    not well written) question. I'll make sure I am more specific in the
    future, so I don't get bombarded with "Didn't you google," or "Didn't
    they teach you that in _____."


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    On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, Baumann, Sean C. wrote:

    > Can someone direct me to some decent information on designing extranet
    > connections?

    I think it's better if we start out with you describing what you're
    to accomplish. Terms like "extranet" have been so overloaded for so
    that the idea you have could be completely different than the one anyone
    else does.

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