Re: [fw-wiz] Botnets, IRC servers and firewalls?

From: Gadi Evron (
Date: 02/05/04

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    To: Paul Robertson <>
    Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 21:06:43 +0200

    > If we keep up the flawed analogy (hey, it's fun...,) you're saying that
    > the road crew who built the highway and the road to the user's parking
    > spot should be held liable whenever someone strikes a pedestrian.

    Your points, in response to mine, are flawed.

    Let's make it a theological debate, is God responsible if one of his (?)
    creations murdered another?

    Let's try and not go too far adrift?
    I made a bad analogy, you quite flame-bait-fully made a mockery out of
    it, let's move on. :)

    The point is not that users should pay for the crimes of the hacker who
    "0wned" them, but rather that ISP's should keep an eye on what their
    lines are used for, if it is illegal use.. they should stop it as far as
    law dictates, or would dictate.

    Most ISP's didn't even hold logs until a law came out that said they must.

    The analogy to a rental agency (or the guys who made the road? please..)
    is wrong.. the police man stopping you for speeding, is the right one,
    in a limited way.

    >>Users now can utilize the "Trojan horse defense" to get out of nearly
    >>everything, especially if the evidence in the case were not collected
    >>carefully (such as catch the guy in the act).
    > That's really an artifact of a particular case going wrong, not a
    > generalized defense (it's tried more and more often, but isn't often
    > successful.)

    I believe you are wrong, but I don't follow legal news often enough, nor
    do I understand much about the law to be able to say that for sure.

    Thanks for your input though. Please try and not go to personal levels? :)

            Gadi Evron.

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