[fw-wiz] Multiple world connections into PIX

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Date: 01/27/04

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    Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 16:50:39 -0600


    I've run into an interesting problem on a PIX 515. Here's a makeshift

    Warning! ASCII art!

    --------------|-----| inside_1
                  | |-------
    outside_2 | PIX |
    --------------| |-------
    (Def. GW) |-----| inside_2

    LAN networks are NAT'd 10.x.
    "World" networks are real addresses.

    Effectively what I'm trying to do is make hosts on inside_1 use the
    outside_1 network and inside_2 hosts use outside_2. This would be
    considered policy routing on a Cisco router.

    So, when a connection is initiated from outside_1 to inside_1, it is built
    correctly, according to the log. However, when the return traffic is sent
    back through the PIX, it tries to go out the default gateway, which is
    outside_2, which does not have that connection established.

    I believe I have all the NAT rules and access lists correct, but the PIX
    keeps trying to use the same interface for outbound traffic.

    So far I have only tried to solve this in the PDM. I am hoping that there
    are some commands in the CLI that will solve my problem.

    Any ideas?

    - Lee
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