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Date: 01/23/04

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    You may want to try Dia. Here's the link:

    This link is for *NIX version but at the bottom of the page there is a link
    to which is an installer for the Win32


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    You're right. I wasn't specific. I want a tool to draw simbols, pictures of
    routers, servers, desktops like the ones in the Firewall FAQ and make the
    network topology with the wires. It's not a network scanner to map. Thanks
    to everybody that tried to answer my previous blind question.


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    >Hi there, I am not quite sure what you mean to be honest. Are you
    for a s/w
    program that will actively map your network for you? Or more a s/w program
    Microsoft's Visio which will let you choose various symbols to represent
    various thin
    such as routers et al? Could you please clarify?


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