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Date: 01/22/04

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    I believe you are looking for a tool that will scan your network and create
    a visual topology diagram for you. I have used the Worldview component of
    the Unicenter suite by Computer Associates, Inc. It uses SNMP to scan your
    internal network devices. It even has a 3-D view which is really cool. You
    can drill down into the component and view all sorts of info. You can set up
    notifications based on status' too. It's expensive but may be worth it if
    your looking for serious network management.


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    Hi there, I am not quite sure what you mean to be honest. Are you asking for
    a s/w
    program that will actively map your network for you? Or more a s/w program
    Microsoft's Visio which will let you choose various symbols to represent
    various things
    such as routers et al? Could you please clarify?


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      Does anybody know any tool that is able to "draw" the network topology,
    with firewalls, routers and user's desktops?

    Thanks in advance,


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