RE: [fw-wiz] Comparisons between Router ACLs and Firewalls

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Date: 01/03/04

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    > Bill James wrote:
    > >The problem with using ACL's is the load they can add to a
    > router. Most
    > >of Cisco's newer IOS' have IP Inspection and do OK but can add a
    > >tremendous load on the router.
    > I've never found any good studies of ACL performance. Do you
    > have any references you can point us to?
    > mjr.

    this is based on experience over the years and having clients wanting to
    run IP Inspect and ACL on the same 1720 router with 8mb flash and 32mb
    ram and a high volume link...On this particular site NAT is running,
    there are about 20 full-time PPTP users passing through to a MS server
    and approx. 15 permits in the ACL's with the customary deny all at the

    On a typical day this router runs at 50 to 75 percent processor...(I
    know....I have explained to the customer the need to upgrade the router)

    I have even seen 2621's and 3600's get overloaded but the traffic was
    very high at the time...virus's were mainly the cause in all cases

    In any case I have seen with a PIX or IPTables, traffic did slow during
    virus and DDOS attacks but traffic still got through

    I wish I had some good studies for the sake of argument

    Bill James

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