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From: larsmith (larsmith_at_tds.net)
Date: 12/14/03

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    Date: 13 Dec 2003 21:53:42 -0500

    I've seen very little about WatchGuard, either pro or con, here on the

    Is this because "everyone" does Cisco / CheckPoint ? Or because
    objective InfoSec people don't find adequate justification for
    implementing WatchGuard ? Or is there another reason or other reasons ?

    I ask this question in the light of what has guided many in the past
    with regard to acquiring and implementing various products in a work

    In the "old days", people implemented Lotus 123 "cause everyone was
    doing it". The same goes for DBase III ... and now-a-days, how so many
    work places "trust" MS-based PC's.

    Their decisions are not always objective but too often are more of a
    "flock" mentality where they simply follow where the other sheep seem to
    be going.

    If there are objective reviews of WatchGuard's current products and
    their respective feasibility in the work place, please direct me to

    I'm VERY curious as to how they size up against the two products which
    I've seen most mentioned on lists I've found on the NMap / SecList site.

    Though I recognize that subjective opinions are certainly a valid and
    viable part of our culture and "real-world experience", I would respond
    best to objective reviews of what WatchGuard offers ( and/or doesn't
    offer ) so that I can include these reviews in our decision-making

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