[fw-wiz] Open Source Personal Firewall?

From: Breno Jacinto (breno_at_gamebox.net)
Date: 12/08/03

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    Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 00:29:57 -0300

    Hello fellows,

      I've been looking for an OSS Personal Firewall (PF) but googling for one
      had no results. Of course we have great options for real firewalls (pf
      is pretty decent), but I'm looking for a solution for the grandma-like user. Any take?

      What about the commercial ones, such as Zonealarm, BlackIce etc.. any
      good recommendations (as well as bad ones)?

      After reading the 'Personal Firewall FAQ' (www.fefe.de/pffaq), which
      is way radical; a quote:

      "You can't improve security of an untrusted system by installing another untrustworthy piece of software.
      You don't have the source code for the operating system or for the new piece of software, so it is impossible to
      verify that it does anything at all, let alone improve security. In the contrary, adding software increases the
      system's complexity, increasing the probabilty for undetected bugs and possible new security problems.

      A firewall is a computer security concept, not a piece of software. Vendors selling you a piece of software (or
      even a piece of hardware) under the label "firewall" are defrauding you."

      Is there any sense on the argument above? I mean, people barely use
      any security layer in their systems, I believe a PF would be better
      than nothing (well it could stop stupid things such as Blaster from

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