[fw-wiz] RE: Problem with TCP 1433, conduits and ACLs...

From: Wes Noonan (mailinglists_at_wjnconsulting.com)
Date: 11/26/03

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    Yes, I had an access group. I had 15 other ACLs on that interface, including
    others for that server, that worked great.


    Wes Noonan

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    > Subject: Problem with TCP 1433, conduits and ACLs...
    > Had a strange problem last night doing a PIX upgrade. Here is the
    > scenario:
    > 2 PIX515E in failover configuration. Upgraded the PIXOS to 6.3(3) from
    > 6.1(4). Installed new activation key for 3DES (they have UR license). The
    > next step was to convert a bunch of conduits and statics to ACLs.
    > The original statics were "open". IP x to IP y kind of stuff. We converted
    > them to port specific statics. The conduits were also converted to ACLs.
    > Seemed pretty straight forward. When we applied the changes, everything
    > seemed to be working except for one webserver. The server build the web
    > pages from a SQL database running on the internal network. The server
    > would not load any pages and displayed a custom error message that
    > essentially stated "I can't access the database". Every other system
    > worked fine however, and for the real kicker I could telnet from the
    > webserver to TCP 1433 on the SQL server and get the SQL session to come
    > up.
    > The original conduit/static was as follows:
    > static (inside,dmz) netmask 0 0
    > conduit permit tcp host eq 1433 host
    > The new ACL/static was as follows:
    > static (inside,dmz) tcp 1433 1433 netmask
    > 0 0
    > access-list dmz_ingress_01 permit tcp host host
    > eq 1433
    > In looking at the logs, I could see the hit count on the ACL increasing. I
    > could also see the sessions being created, but I never saw any data
    > passing. I added the "log" option to the ACL as well as putting an
    > explicit "deny ip any any log" entry and never saw anything that indicated
    > why the system wouldn't work. I was not running the sqlnet fixup on that
    > port number.
    > I am pretty much at a loss for what the problem was. In the end we decided
    > to roll back the ACLs for the DMZ and put the old conduits back in place
    > with the new static statements. As soon as we did that, it started working
    > fine. Clearly there seems to be an issue with how the PIX is handling the
    > ACL traffic as opposed to the conduit traffic, but I can't see what that
    > might be. TIA.
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