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Date: 11/27/03

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    If you have MS SQL 2000, then go to "SQL Client Network Utility" on
    webserver and remove all protocols except TCP/IP.
    If you have SQL 6 or 7, then go to ODBC connections setup and remove all
    extra protocols from there.

    Andy Lyakkhovetskiy

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    Subject: [fw-wiz] Problem with TCP 1433, conduits and ACLs...

    Had a strange problem last night doing a PIX upgrade. Here is the

    2 PIX515E in failover configuration. Upgraded the PIXOS to 6.3(3) from
    6.1(4). Installed new activation key for 3DES (they have UR license).
    The next step was to convert a bunch of conduits and statics to ACLs.

    The original statics were "open". IP x to IP y kind of stuff. We
    converted them to port specific statics. The conduits were also
    converted to ACLs. Seemed pretty straight forward. When we applied the
    changes, everything seemed to be working except for one webserver. The
    server build the web pages from a SQL database running on the internal
    network. The server would not load any pages and displayed a custom
    error message that essentially stated "I can't access the database".
    Every other system worked fine however, and for the real kicker I could
    telnet from the webserver to TCP 1433 on the SQL server and get the SQL
    session to come up.

    The original conduit/static was as follows:
    static (inside,dmz) netmask 0
    0 conduit permit tcp host eq 1433 host

    The new ACL/static was as follows:
    static (inside,dmz) tcp 1433 1433 netmask 0 0 access-list dmz_ingress_01 permit tcp host host eq 1433

    In looking at the logs, I could see the hit count on the ACL increasing.
    I could also see the sessions being created, but I never saw any data
    passing. I added the "log" option to the ACL as well as putting an
    explicit "deny ip any any log" entry and never saw anything that
    indicated why the system wouldn't work. I was not running the sqlnet
    fixup on that port number.

    I am pretty much at a loss for what the problem was. In the end we
    decided to roll back the ACLs for the DMZ and put the old conduits back
    in place with the new static statements. As soon as we did that, it
    started working fine. Clearly there seems to be an issue with how the
    PIX is handling the ACL traffic as opposed to the conduit traffic, but I
    can't see what that might be. TIA.

    Wes Noonan

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