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From: Damian Gerow (
Date: 11/11/03

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    Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 10:55:20 -0500

    Thus spake Richard Snow ( [05/11/03 22:37]:
    > My question is, assuming that traceroute shows nothing unusual,
    > what would your next step be in troubleshooting the issue -- and
    > demonstrating the problem to your provider?

    I know that there are different methods of traceroute -- using ICMP, UDP,
    TCP, etc. And I know that there exists at least one traceroute that will do
    whatever protocol you give it -- I'm just not sure if it will do IPSec or
    PPTP as a protocol. If anyone can give any further details, I can't
    remember the name of the tool -- I checked lft and ctrace, but neither will
    do anything other than TCP/ICMP/UDP.

    Other than that, just tell the person on the phone that they are blocking
    IPSec/PPTP traffic. And if they deny, ask to speak to Level 2.
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