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Date: 11/12/03

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    Hi all,

    I was able to get the trouble escalated to second tier
    support at my ISP, and we watched the tunnel flup for a bit.

    Traceroutes show very different paths in each direction, odd
    but not too unusual. That lead the engineer to check open tickets
    for the peering arrangement with Comcast. Evidently
    there is already an order in to upgrade the peering arrangement.
    Dropped packets = dropped tunnel

    One thing I learned from this is that if the tunnel is established
    but subsequently drops -- then that means the basic VPN configuration
    is likely to be OK -- and it means there is no filtering in place.
    Access Lists are not 'intermittent'.

    Thanks for your suggestions...


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    In some locations Comcast is blocking IPSEC and PPTP traffic by default, you
    have to pay some extra fee for the "clean" connection.

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