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Date: 11/11/03

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    In some locations Comcast is blocking IPSEC and PPTP traffic by default,
    you have to pay some extra fee for the "clean" connection.

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    I have a remote office using an IPSEC VPN tunnel connecting
    two LANs. The remote site is on a COMCAST cable modem.
    I am transitioning my internet T1 at the main office to a new provider
    (XO). The new T1 seems to run OK in general, but my IPSEC tunnel drops
    every three minutes or so. I can put the same equipment over on the old
    T1 and everything is fine.

    My question is, assuming that traceroute shows nothing unusual, what
    would your next step be in troubleshooting the issue -- and
    demonstrating the problem to your provider?


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