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Date: 10/24/03

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    Are you connecting to a Cisco VPN Concentrator? Try turning on the
    IPSec-NAT using TCP and set the ports for 10000, 10001, 10002 up to
    10010. That might help. You will also have to set your Cisco client to
    use Transparent Tunneling--Use IPSec over TCP and use different ports
    for each client.

    Hope that helps.

    Good luck.


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    I happened apon your e-mail address while searching for an answer to a
    VPN problem I am having... So, I am sending a question in hopes that
    you are the Genie in the bottle that I have been looking for.

    I run my VPN through a Cisco Client to my main office. It worked fine
    going through enternet 300 and then through a Netopia Cayman 3546 ADSL
    router. I put the router in place to access the VPN through two
    computers. I get the internet with both computers but I get kicked off
    the VPN at one computer when I try to log on at the other? But it
    works fine while I am on. So, can I not log on from two locations,
    even though I have internet from both locations? Or is there something
    else I need to do? I was told that the router was the answer..... so
    far it is not. I am on DSL, if it makes a difference. Any reply
    would be great..... even "get lost" :)

    But the cure would be great?



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