[fw-wiz] Real Traffic Testing

From: Gianpiero Porchia (gianpiero.porchia_at_atsweb.it)
Date: 10/24/03

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    Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 10:10:30 +0200


    We are evaluating a new firewall technology. Instead of testing it in a lab,
    we would like to test it in a production environment. The idea should be the

    - Get the production traffic (for example using TAPs)
    - Send the traffic to the new firewall
    - Look at the firewall behaviour

    The schema should be:

                    | |
              --------- ----------
              | FW | | FW-test|
              --------- ----------
                | |
                |TAP-2 |

    - Get traffic from OUTSIDE to INSIDE using TAP-1
    - Get traffic from INSIDE to OUTSIDE using TAP-2

    The objectives (ie why we want to use production traffic):
    - Testing FW-test for performance (looking at its resources) in OUR real
    world environment;
    - Testing FW-test for configuration. Looking at log files we want to get the
    identical configuration of FW, so we can switch to FW-test with minimal

    The problems:
    - The traffic is directed to the MAC address of FW, so FW-test will drop it;
    - The traffic passing through the TAPs is function of the configuration of
    FW (but it's a minor problem, since we pretend to have the same
    configuration on FW-test);

    Have you some idea to get the objectives?


    - gian

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