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From: Javier Sanchez (
Date: 01/02/88

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    To: George Peek <>
    Date: 02 Jan 1988 19:43:42 +0100

    Have a look at ntop, it gives tons of data and its free .-)

    On az., 2003-09-03 at 23:06, George Peek wrote:
    > This may be a bit offtopic, if so please excuse me. I am looking for a
    > solution to monitor the live traffic (i.e. incoming/outgoing traffic, incl.
    > able to determine what url the user is going to) on our Cisco 2620. Freeware
    > would be great, linux solution is ok. I don't want to use a network capture
    > utility such as sniffer, fluke or iris. Pix has the device manager which
    > comes in handy. I can enable logging via SNMP, but it is text based, a GUI
    > utility that will sort that information would be very cool.
    > Thank You,
    > George Peek
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