Re: [fw-wiz] Transparent proxies and PMTUD on the (WWW) server side

From: Mikael Olsson (
Date: 08/26/03

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    To: "Patrick M. Hausen" <>
    Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 23:03:26 +0200

    "Patrick M. Hausen" wrote:
    > Just out of curiosity: I thought that the "naive" way of implementing
    > a proxy would preserve the lowered MSS while traversing the firewall:
    > while (len=read(external_socket, buf, external_mss))
    > write(internal_socket, buf, len);
    > Won't each read return as soon as a new TCP frame arrives
    > and won't each write result in a packet being sent? Sort of
    > MSS preservation by accident?

    Well, yes, sometimes. But not nearly often enough to rely on.
    Consider what happens if TWO segments arrive while your proxy
    process is sleeping (perhaps because another proxy process is
    running on full).... - Yeah, your read() is going to return
    2k+ of data, which will then be passed on to the write(), which
    will send full-length packets.

    Then of course there's the whole issue of the Nagle algorithm,
    delayed ACKs, and various other TCP performance tweaks that
    can cause sends to be slightly delayed. That will also cause
    larger segments to be transmitted.

    > > Related story: A while ago, I made the call to change the default
    > > settings in the units we ship to always strip the DF bit in
    > > packets that traverse them, thereby disabling PMTUd completely and
    > > falling back on good old fragmentation. The engineer in me hates
    > > it, but it really does seem to work better these days.
    > Before I started to really investigate my "MTU problems" I tried
    > the same. This lead to data corruption for strictly internal
    > (non-firewall) traffic with Windows filesharing. I don't know
    > how, maybe Windows doesn't use UDP checksums for SMB, ...
    > That's my next task, now that I found a way to make "the Internet"
    > "work".

    Eh? That just HAS to be a function of something completely
    different; I refuse to believe that DF stripping can cause
    these kind of failures. UDP is a non-issue; I know of no OS
    that does PMTUd for UDP. And windows most definitely checks
    checksums of TCP, which is what SMB uses for everything but
    announcements, and announcements have nothing to do with
    actual file transfer.

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