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Date: 08/20/03

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    If it's a site-to-site video confererencing system, where both sides are
    firmly under your control (Corp HQ to Corp Office, etc), I'd strongly
    recommend a VPN tunnel, which solves most of the Swiss-cheese problems.
    This is something you should already have, anyway.

    Just a thought...

    Dave Killion
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    Security Group, NetScreen Technologies, Inc.

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    Hi All,

    My company would like to set up inexpensive video-conferencing.
    They've been bugging me for a solution for some time. The partner
    company, being All Windows, All The Time, of course immediately
    suggested NetMeeting. ISTR a discussion about NetMeeting here, perhaps
    prompted by me, and, IIRC, it pretty much requires one make swiss
    cheese of their firewall for it to work. I vetoed it, and management
    backed me up. Doing a search on "NetMeeting" on SecurityFocus was not
    encouraging, either.

    Recently they bought me an iBook to do some WebObjects development
    with. It just hit me today that maybe Apple's iSight product would do
    the trick for video conferencing.

    Problem is: I've no idea what iSight would need through the firewall.

    There's this:

    If 5060 and 16384 through 16403 UDP are all that are required, and I
    can specify the only allowed IP address inside they would forward to,
    well, that might be acceptable.

    Comments? Opinions? Suggestions? Flames? ;)


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